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"Kaley is extremely charismatic and relatable. Her talk was both moving and inspirational and made me see my life and those of others in a new light. I highly recommend you see her speak!"

- Sara Moore, My Story, 12/2013

"Kaley is an excellent speaker with powerful stories to tell. She communicates in a way that is compelling and heartwarming - once heard, never forgotten."

- Marcus Freed, Biblical Insights, 10/2013 & Gala Keynote, 12/2013

"I’ve known Kaley for 2 years, but hearing her speak last night brought a whole new perspective to our friendship! She truly touched my heart with her story and opened my mind to a whole new world of MS that I knew very little about. She is not only an inspiration in my life, but to all young people who have to deal with their own disease every day.  The truth is, she has a message for all of us.  Just like she says "everyone is facing something" and to see the lessons in our challenges and rise above them is something all of us can take away."

- Sarah Goldman, My Story, 12/2013